Jr. Knights Prep and Pro dance teams light up the RAC for our final sold out performance in front of our 8000 fans.

"JKDT Rock The RAC" 12/22/17 Rutgers Mens Basketball Game Halftime Show

Jr. Pros Light Up the Stadium in front of 52,000 Rutgers fans
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Rutgers Jr. Dance Team Rocks the Wildwood Convention Center

Video "On Your Feet"

File Aug 29, 10 46 44
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The Junior Knights Dance Team of Rutgers University attended a Broadway Workshop with veteran Broadway actor/dancer, Luis Salgado, cast member of the Broadway Hit, On Your FeetOn Your Feet is a play about the lives of Gloria and Emilio Estefan and Gloria's journey back to get on her feet after her back injury.
The Junior Knights dancers learned choreography from the play and also got some tips on how to audition for a Broadway play. The dancers then went to see the play and met with the cast after for a talk-back. It was an amazing learning experience and each of the dancers left there feeling so inspired.

Dress Rehearsal for Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theater for Disney's Dance the Magic

Rutgers/High Strung/Junior Knights

High Strung comes to meet the Junior Knights
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2015 Season

Pros Video
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Preps Video
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Prep dance team from the black out game
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Pros performance from the "Black Out Game 10/10/15"
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2014 Season

Junior Knights Dance Team PROS dancing at Rutgers Women's Basketball 1/25/15

Video of the Preps

Video of the Pros
Final Home Game
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Final home game of the football season at Rutgers

Inaugural JKDT first show at the Rutgers vs. Tulane game.

JKDT Practice

Junior Knights Dance Team perform at half-time show for Harlem Globetrotters

JKDT closing out the half time show for HG
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JKDT pros performing during Half time show for Harlem Globetrotters & doing a
great job despite some technical difficulties with the music. They didn't miss
a step!
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JKDT Preps performing at half time show for the Harlem Globetrotters
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Junior Knights Dance Team on set filming as extras in "High Strung" Movie

The JKDT Pros meeting lead actress, ballerina, Keenan Kampa
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The crew entertaining the prep JKDT dancers while waiting on set
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JKDT spending time with cast & crew on set of "High Strung"
Dancer doing the robot with lead actress, the
famous ballerina, Keenan Kampa a.k.a. Ruby.
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What a wonderful warm reception the @JrKnightsdanceteam gave our stars Keenan Kampa Nicky Galitzine Music! Click the link below.

Sneak Peak of Team's First Practice

Preps (ages 8-12)
QuickTime video format [1.5 MB]
Pros (ages 13-18)
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"Go R.U." (Whole Team)
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Team Photos

Junior Knights Dance Team meet Debbie Allen

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